Laboratory Agrifood Sustainability, Quality and Safety

The laboratory activities are focused  on innovation on research, development and transfer activities to increase competitiveness, quality, safety and sustainability of food production systems and agroforestry.

Activities  focus on developing efficient production processes to little or no waste generation, on validation and application of diagnostic methods for the qualification of productions, on the analysis and evaluation of microbiological and chemical changes in the processes of production, processing, storage and packaging on the identification and quantification of components and markers of quality in order to prove the authenticity and origin of the products and ensure their traceability.

The laboratory are performed by making use of innovative infrastructures, equipment, facilities, technologies and service platforms.


Status: In corso

  • Strengthening the MIRRI Italian Research Infrastructure for Sustainable Bioscience and Bioeconomy

  • ECO-READY: Achieving Ecological Resilient Dynamism for the European food system through consumer-driven policies

  • Towards climate-smart and sustainable soil management

Status: Concluso

  • Creazione di un HUB italiano a supporto della partecipazione dell’Italia alla Global Soil Partnership ed alla rete di eccellenza europea sulla ricerca sul suolo

  • Esecuzione di Sviluppo di tecnologie e processi innovativi per la produzione di imballaggi 100% BIOdegradabili e COmpostabili per un'industria Sostenibile, economica/circolare ed Intelligente

  • Sustainable Innovation of MicroBiome Applications in Food System

  • Infrastructure funding in the life sciences

  • Water Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the water management in semi-arid areas

  • IONian Integrated marine Observatory

  • Introducing innovative precision farming techniques in AGRIculture to decrease CARbon Emissions