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Division Biotechnology and Agroindustry

Focuses on innovation in the agro-industrial system for the development and competitiveness of food production in terms of quality, safety and sustainability, encouraging chain approaches, through agro-industrial
and/or territory clusters. Promotes the development of products (food and non-food) with high-added value and high technological value derived from biological resources.
Develops methods and technologies for innovation and traceability of the production, supply, processing and marketing chains of agricultural and food products in a perspective of enhancing consumer condence in the foodchain.

Division thematic fields:

1. Innovative biotechnology products, processes and systems  for Bioeconomy;
2. Precision and resilient agriculture for sustainability and for phytosanitary measures on crop production;
3. Food traceability, quality and safety;
4. Innovative processes and products for human  health and well-being

All activities are performed through innovative infrastructures, equipment, facilities, and technology/service platforms, located in three different laboratories:

ENEA collaborates with agri-food enterprises to develop production and consumption models ever attentive to the principles of sustainability, with the aim of creating a stronger integration between innovation supply and demand, along with solid public-private partnerships, thus ensuring a better production performance and the optimization of funding opportunities offered at regional, national, European and international level.

Different research infrastructures are here listed:

• “Agrobiopolis” Technology Hall, Research Center Trisaia;
• “Agro-industrial processes” Technology Hall, Research Center Casaccia;
• DNA sequencing Platform (Sanger e NGS), Research Center Casaccia;
• Proteomics Platform, Research Center Casaccia;
• Metabolomics Platform, Research Center Casaccia;
• Flow cytometry platform, Research Center Casaccia;
• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Research Center Trisaia;
• Metrology platform for agro-food safety, quality, traceability,
authenticity and origin, Research Center Casaccia;
• Production platform for agro-food reference materials, Research Center Trisaia;
• Contained greenhouse (Biosafety Level 2 Containment) and
phytotrons, Research Center Casaccia;
• Materials Technologies for Agroindustry, Research Center Brindisi.



Head Scientist: