Laboratory Bio-products and Bio-processes

The Laboratory performs research on and promotes innovation aimed at developing sustainable and competitive production systems of the areas food and non-food, exploiting biological resources, plant species, microbial by-products and waste pursuing the overall goal of developing products and processes through the use of innovative enabling technologies (KETs), for applications in the agro-food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Particular attention is devoted to the development of applications of industrial biotechnology (White Biotechnologies) and Process Technologies, especially Mild Technologies, in the productive field  of agribusiness and bio-industry. The laboratory are performed by making use of innovative infrastructures, equipment, facilities, technologies and service platforms.


Status: In corso

Status: Concluso

  • Sviluppo di un Sistema di pompaggio per dissalatori a osmosi inversa con recuperatore energetico integrato.

  • Trasferimento tecnologico di innovazioni gestionali delle pratiche agricole negli ecosistemi ortofrutticoli

  • Trasferimento di tecnologie e protocolli di gestione irrigua maturi per l’ottimizzazione dell’irrigazione

  • Gestione colturale sostenibile per la standardizzazione delle tecniche di produzione dei cereali lucani.

  • Progetto ricerca sul Cashmere nel Banner di Alashan in Inner Mongolia

  • Wool fuels the resilience and competitiveness of sheep farming in European marginal lands

  • Applicazione di innovazioni di processo e prodotto per lo sviluppo della filiera Latte in Basilicata – INNOPROLATTE

  • Valuable Products from Algae Using new Magnetic Cultivation and Extraction Techniques

  • Conceptual Design of a Food Manufacturing Research Infrastructure to boost up innovation in Food Industry

  • Safeguard of hazelnut and almond genetic resources

  • European genetic resources of Cynara