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BIOAG Head Office

The Biotechnologies and Agroindustry Division focuses on innovation in the agro-industrial system for the development and competitiveness of food production in terms of quality, safety and sustainability, encouraging chain approaches, through agro-industrial and/or territory clusters. Promotes the development of products (food and non-food) with high-added value and high technological value derived from biological resources.
Develops methods and technologies for innovation and traceability of the production, supply, processing and marketing chains of agricultural and food products in a perspective of enhancing consumer confidence in the foodchain.


Status: ongoing

  • Food, Health and Environment Research Infrastructures to Tackle Emerging Priorities

  • METROFOOD-RI Early Phase Implementation

  • Sistemi Innovativi Di Monitoraggio Per Il Controllo Sostenibile Di Drosophila Suzukii Ed Altri Fitofagi Rilevanti Per La Frutticoltura Laziale

  • Strengthening of the Italian Research Infrastructure for Metrology and Open AccessData in support to the Agrifood

  • Integrated SERVices supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition

  • PRO-GRACE: Promoting a Plant Genetic Resource Community for Europe

  • DGR4FOOD: Empowering a fair and responsible European FoodRegister, fostering citizen sovereignty and creating a data-driven food system

  • METROFOOD-RI “Infrastructure for Promoting Metrology in Food and Nutrition”

Status: Completed

  • Sistemi di difesa integrati per il controllo sostenibile di insetti dannosi in agricoltura

  • Nuove varietà tipiche di pomodoro con migliorate caratteristiche agronomiche e di qualità