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Butyltins concentration levels and imposex occurrence in snails from the Sicilian coasts (Italy)

TitleButyltins concentration levels and imposex occurrence in snails from the Sicilian coasts (Italy)
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsChiavarini, Salvatore, Massanisso P., Nicolai P., Nobili Chiara, and Morabito Roberto
KeywordsAnimals, antifouling agent, article, biological monitoring, butyltin, Chemical analysis, Coastal zones, concentration (parameters), controlled study, Correlation methods, development, Environmental monitoring, Female, Freight transportation, Gastropoda, Hexaplex trunculus, Imposex, Italy, male, Marine biology, Marine pollution, Mediterranean Sea, nonhuman, organotin compound, paint, Ports and harbors, reproductive toxicity, Sampling, seashore, sediment, Sediments, Sex Characteristics, shipping, snail, Snails, Tin compounds, Trialkyltin Compounds, tributyltin

Two sampling campaigns have been carried out along the Sicilian coasts within the frame of a European project (Hic-TBT) financed by the LIFE programme. Snails and sediments have been sampled at 5 stations, characterised by very low (Ustica natural sea reserve), low (Ustica harbour), intermediate (Castellamare and Termini Imerese) and high shipping densities (Palermo). Biological and chemical analyses were carried out in order to evaluate the incidence of imposex occurring in snails, and the concentration levels of organotins in sediment and snail samples. Despite the low organotin concentration levels in sediment and snail samples, the results show that imposex is widespread around Sicily. In four locations almost all female snails were affected by imposex at advanced development stages, even in areas with a fairly low shipping density. Only in the natural sea reserve of Ustica Island imposex was relatively less severe. Finally a logarithmic correlation between TBT and imposex stages was observed. © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.


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