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3rd Food Chemistry Conference - Shaping a healthy and Sustainable food chain through knowledge

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Tipo di evento Workshop
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Inizio 10/10/2023 - 09:00
Fine 12/10/2023 - 18:00
Dresda, Germania
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From 10 to 12 of October will take place, in Dresden, the 3rd Food Chemistry Conference: Shaping a Healthy and Sustainable Food Chain through Knowledge. The programme will include keynote and plenary talks from renowned speakers as well as parallel sessions with contributory oral presentations and poster sessions covering a wide range of topics. Claudia Zoani, ENEA Biotechnologies and Agroindustry Division,  will participate in the "New, rapid, or green methods for food chemistry”session with an oral presentation entitled:"Intelligent sensors and devices for food quality, safety and authenticity: application examples and metrological problems". In this framework were also presented some examples of new smart sensors and portable devices implemented within METROFOOD-IT  project by groups belonging to ENEA, University of  Parma and University of Rome - Sapienza.

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