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Assessment of Inflammation in 3D Reconstructed Human Skin Exposed to Combined Exposure to Ultraviolet and Wi-Fi Radiation, Szilágyi, Z., Németh Z., Bakos J., Kubinyi G., Necz P.P., Szabó E., Thuróczy G., Pinto Rosanna, and Selmaoui B. , International journal of molecular sciences, Volume 24, Number 3, (2023)
Assessment of the influence of electric arc furnace slag as a non-conventional filler for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, Gobetti, Anna, Cornacchia Giovanna, La Monica Marco, Zacco Annalisa, Depero Laura Eleonora, and Ramorino Giorgio , Results in Engineering, Volume 17, (2023)
Assessment of the probability of introduction of Thaumatotibia leucotreta into the European Union with import of cut roses, Bragard, Claude, Baptista Paula, Chatzivassiliou Elisavet, Di Serio Francesco, Gonthier Paolo, Miret Josep Anton Jaqu, Justesen Annemarie Fejer, MacLeod Alan, Magnusson Christer Sven, Navas‐Cortes Juan A., et al. , EFSA Journal, Jan-10-2023, Volume 21, Issue 10, (2023)
Assessment of the sensitivity of model responses to urban emission changes in support of emission reduction strategies, Bessagnet, Bertrand, Cuvelier Kees, de Meij Alexander, Monteiro Alexandra, Pisoni Enrico, Thunis Philippe, Violaris Angelos, Kushta Jonilda, Denby Bruce R., Mu Qing, et al. , Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, (2023)
A bacterial formula with native strains as alternative to chemical fertiliser for tomato crop, Paganin, Patrizia, Isca C., Tasso Flavia, Calandrelli T., Migliore Giada, Marras P.A., Medas D., Dore E., De Giudici G., Sprocati A.R., et al. , Plant Growth Regulation, (2023)
A bacterium against the tiger: further evidence of the potential of noninundative releases of males with manipulated Wolbachia infection in reducing fertility of Aedes albopictus field populations in Italy, Caputo, B., Moretti Riccardo, Virgillito C., Manica M., Lampazzi Elena, Lombardi G., Serini P., Pichler V., Beebe N.W., A. Torre della, et al. , Pest Management Science, (2023)
Baseline Assessment of Ecological Quality Index (EQI) of the Marine Coastal Habitats of Tonga Archipelago: Application for Management of Remote Regions in the Pacific, Peirano, Andrea, Barsanti Mattia, Delbono Ivana, Candigliota Elena, Cocito Silvia, Hokafonu Ta’hirih, Immordino Francesco, Moretti Lorenzo, and Matoto Atelaite Lupe , Remote Sensing, Volume 15, Number 4, p.909, (2023)
Bioactive Lignans from Flaxseed: Biological Properties and Patented Recovery Technologies, Sangiorgio, Paola, Errico Simona, Verardi Alessandra, Moliterni Stefania, Tamasi Gabriella, Rossi Claudio, and Balducchi Roberto , Nutraceuticals, Jan-03-2023, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.58 - 74, (2023)
BIOCONVERSION MEDIATED BY BLACK SOLDIER FLY (Hermetia illucens): THE HERMES PROJECT, Santangelo, E., Arnone S., Beni C., De Mei M., Carnevale M., Gallucci F., Lecce Francesca, Petrazzuolo F., De Santis E., de Iudicibus A., et al. , Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management, Volume 9, Number 4, p.973-978, (2023)
Bioconversion of Crop Residues Using Alternative Fermentation-Based Approaches, Verardi, Alessandra, Sangiorgio Paola, Blasi Alessandro, Lopresto Catia Giovanna, and Calabrò Vincenza , Frontiers in Bioscience-Elite, Jan-01-2023, Volume 15, Issue 3, Number 3, p.17, (2023)
Bromine, iodine and sodium along the EAIIST traverse: Bulk and surface snow latitudinal variability, Celli, G., Cairns W.R.L., Scarchilli Claudio, Cuevas C.A., Saiz-Lopez A., Savarino J., Stenni B., Frezzotti M., Becagli S., Delmonte B., et al. , Environmental Research, Volume 239, (2023)
Building a novel strategic research agenda for METROFOOD-RI: design process and multi-stakeholder engagement towards thematic prioritization, Stelzl, T., Tsimidou M.Z., Belc N., Zoani Claudia, and Rychlik M. , Frontiers in Nutrition, Volume 10, (2023)
Building Resilience in Times of New Global Challenges: A Focus on Six Main Attributes, Indirli, Maurizio, Borg R.P., Formisano A., Martinelli L., Marzo Anna, Romagnoli F., and Romanelli F. , Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, Volume 51, p.293-319, (2023)
The building stock as an urban mine: The case of the circular regeneration of disused buildings, Luciano, Antonella, Altamura P., Baiani S., and Cutaia Laura , Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 33, (2023)
A case study to investigate the role of aerosols reduction on the East Asian summer monsoon seasonal prediction, Cherchi, Annalisa, Tourigny Etienne, Navarro Juan C. Acosta, Ortega Pablo, Davini Paolo, Alessandri Andrea, Catalano Franco, and van Noije Twan , EGU General Assembly, (2023)
Cell Metabolism Therapy by Small Natural Compounds, Nesci, Salvatore, Spagnoletta Anna, and Oppedisano Francesca , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, Number 18, (2023)
Challenging the status quo in invasive species assessment using mechanistic physiologically based demographic modeling, Ponti, Luigi, and Gutierrez A.P. , Environment, Development and Sustainability, Aug-08-2023, (2023)
Characterization of Early and Late Damage in a Mouse Model of Pelvic Radiation Disease, Vitali, Roberta, Palone Francesca, De Stefano Ilaria, Fiorente C., Novelli Flavia, Pasquali Emanuela, Fratini Emiliano, Tanori Mirella, Leonardi Simona, Tanno Barbara, et al. , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, Number 10, (2023)
Characterization of free L- and D-amino acids in size-segregated background aerosols over the Ross Sea, Antarctica, Feltracco, M., Zangrando R., Barbaro E., Becagli S., Park K.-T., Vecchiato M., Caiazzo Laura, Traversi R., Severi M., Barbante C., et al. , Science of the Total Environment, Volume 879, (2023)
Characterization of Glioblastoma Organoid Bio-Responses Upon 30.5 GHz Continuous Wave Exposure, Rampazzo, Elena, Karim Nissar, Persano Luca, Pinto Rosanna, Casciati Arianna, Tanori Mirella, Hodgkins George, Davies Ilan W., Zambotti A., Hancock Cristopher, et al. , 2023 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Biomedical Conference, IMBioC 2023, p.73 – 75, (2023)
Characterization of recycled end-of-life rubber tire filled with black slag, Gobetti, A., Cornacchia G., Petrogalli C., Kerschbaumer R.C., La Monica Marco, and Ramorino G. , Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, Jan-01-2024, Volume 43, Issue 1-2, p.54 - 71, (2023)
Chemical composition and sensory profile of the Italian espresso coffee powder and beverage under different roasting conditions, Carcea, M., Danesi I., De Gara L., Diretto Gianfranco, Fanali C., Raffo A., Sinesio F., S. Posta Della, Frusciante Sarah, Moneta E., et al. , European Food Research and Technology, (2023)
A chemical remediation technique for a nearly-total removal of arsenic and mercury from contaminated marine sediments, D'Agostino, Fabio, Bellante Antonio, Bonsignore Maria, Del Core Marianna, Clarizia Laura, Sabatino Nadia, Giaramita Luigi, Tranchida Giorgio, Chiavarini Salvatore, and Sprovieri Mario , Heliyon, Volume 9, Number 12, (2023)
Circular Economy and Green Chemistry: The Need for Radical Innovative Approaches in the Design for New Products, Ncube, Amos, Mtetwa Sandile, Bukhari Mahak, Fiorentino Gabriella, and Passaro Renato , Energies, Volume 16, Number 4, (2023)
Climate stressors modulate interannual olive yield at province level in Italy: A composite index approach to support crop management, Di Paola, A., Di Giuseppe E., Gutierrez A.P., Ponti Luigi, and Pasqui M. , Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, (2023)