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RFLP analysis of Aegilops species belonging to the Sitopsis section

TitleRFLP analysis of Aegilops species belonging to the Sitopsis section
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGiorgi, Debora, D’Ovidio Renato, Tanzarella O.A., and Porceddu E.
JournalGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Pagination145 - 151
Date Published2002///
KeywordsAegilops, Phylogenesis, RFLP, Sitopsis, Wheat evolution

The phylogenetic relationships among the Aegilops species belonging to the Sitopsis section were investigated using RFLP (restriction-fragment-length polymorphism) analysis. Twenty-five probes, each of which hybridised to one or more restriction fragments located in the B-genome chromosomes of cultivated wheats, were used. At least one and in most cases two fragments were located in every B genome chromosome arm. A dendrogram derived from a cluster analysis of the complete RFLP data set showed a subdivision of the species belonging to the Sitopsis section into one group comprising the species of the Truncata subsection and another group comprised of the species of the Emarginata subsection. Dendrograms also were produced using RFLP data from loci located in different combinations of only three chromosomes, and some of these showed different subdivisions of the species. This demonstrates the importance in obtaining reliable classification data of using probes that detect loci evenly distributed in the genome and located in each chromosome arm.


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